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Preventing Suicide: Breaking the Silence

WATCH – Preventing Suicide: Breaking the Silence Digital Documentary


Talking About Suicide May be the Key

Experts, survivors and advocates say talking about the issue is key to saying lives.

Zero Suicides?

There’s debate whether it’s possible, but a number of health systems are trying to turn the goal into reality.

LGBTQ+ Community Battles Staggering Rates

Rebecca felt different compared to other boys in her neighborhood and, without anyone saying it, she inferred that being different was bad.

The Suicide Prevention Program Gun Rights Advocates Want

Half of the completed suicides in the United States in 2015 were carried out using a firearm. Meet the suicide prevention program developed by gun owners.

'Tell Me What the Reality Looks Like'

How do you stop copycats in the age of social media where people’s deaths are live streamed?

From Judgment to Prevention

Religions have shifted their approach to suicide.

The Fight to Overcome Cultural Barriers

The children of immigrants are vulnerable to suicide as they straddle two worlds: the nation they came from and their new home.

Break Your Silence Around Suicide

Pay tribute to those lost and celebrate those still with us.

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