Caltrans Response Summary:

Caltrans declined multiple interview requests to discuss how the department monitors state-owned devices for inappropriate content and whether the department has made any recent changes. So, NBC Bay Area caught up with Director Laurie Berman at a train station in Sacramento. Berman said the department takes appropriate action when it learns of this type of behavior, but she couldn't provide specifics.

In an email, Caltrans said it currently blocks all inappropriate web traffic on the network by using the latest IT tools and best practices. A department spokeswoman said Caltrans employees must sign the department's acceptable use policies, which outline appropriate uses of state-owned devices. Each time employees log on to a computer using a Caltrans network connection they will see warning banners, she added. The department says it uses artificial intelligence to isolate inappropriate activity and that seven employees recently disciplined for viewing pornography were caught by internal Caltrans safeguards.